Homa Priest

This is A.Sathyanarayana Shastrigal from Chennai,.and  would like to inform that the following pooja's can be performed based on  the hindu vedic origin from basic Ganapathi Homam to all related Homa's and pooja's especially the following ceremonies in grand features

Homa Priest in chennai


❖ Prathiangara
❖ Chandi Shoolini durga
❖ Parihara homa's
❖ Ganapathi Homam
❖ ganapathihomam
❖ aushya homam
❖ vasthu homam
❖ mahamruthyunjaya homam

❖ dhanvanthri homam
❖ Rudhraeagadasi Maha Prayachitham
❖ sarpashanthi (kalasarpadhoshom) homam 
❖ gruhapravesham
❖ mahalakshmi homam
❖ vidhyasaraswathi homam
❖ swayamvaraparvathi homam
❖ santhanagopalakrishana homam 

 The above mentioned pooja's and Homam can be done with best performing program according  to the Hindu vedic culture across the world.

Homa Priest in chennai
Homa Priest in chennai

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Homa Priest in chennai

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Our Guruji

interest in science of Astrology chennai

My father Sri Yagna Narayanan is my Guru and inspiration for my interest in science of Astrology. It is because of my father and his constant support that enabled me to start growing. My father(Guruji) is a spiritual person and has more experience in suggesting Strong remedies for life everlasting problems. My father is a expert in face reading, Vasthu etc. My father(Guruji) is a person of extra sensory perception and he is has the capacity of telling future beyond reach. My father has experience in healing through and suggests slokas and mantras to overcome person’s problems. Under his valuable support, I am giving guidance to customers around the globe and thereby create awareness.

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